Men's Ministry

We grow together because iron sharpens iron.

About Our Men's Ministry

The men of our church meet for breakfast and fellowship. We have many annual activities, such as Tiger baseball games, Wild Game banquets, outdoor sports and hunting & fishing. We love to build stuff, and we’re always looking for help. Come on out and join us!

Our Vision

We believe strongly in the idea that “iron sharpens iron” – in helping each other to establish depth of character through fellowship, and to thus draw closer to God.


To make something of your life, give your life to God. And if you need a daily lift, check out one of our devotional options.

Upcoming Events

Reminder: The first Sunday Night of the month is Prayer at 6:00pm at the Church!

For more information, contact our men’s ministry director.

A Challenge for Men

“Every year when NFL training camp rolls around, there are guys who come in hungry and fired up, fresh from an off-season workout regimen that has gotten them in playing shape right from the get-go.

But every team also has players who show up fat and flabby, twenty pounds over their goal weight, gasping for breath at the first sight of wind sprints. Failure to stick to a plan has cost them the stamina they need to get started on the right foot. They may be able to fool some people with their athletic looks and muscular bodies. But NFL coaches can tell when a guy’s been dogging it since January.

Stick to the plan for spiritual growth in your life which includes daily Bible reading and weekly gathering together with strong Christians at Church.

God causes our faith to grow by bringing around situations that drive us to Him in prayer, they require us as men to keep quiet and find the reserves of faith through spending time with Him in prayer and reading His Word!”

– Joe Gibbs