Attend a Gathering

Know what to expect with you join us.

Join Us at Davison Assembly of God

We look forward to seeing you at one of our services, and we want to make our visitors feel comfortable.

A big part of that is in knowing what to expect when you join us.

Come on in!

The first thing we hope you’ll notice when you enter Davison Assembly of God is that we have a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in our lobby. People gather for fellowship before services, there are ushers and hosts who will help you find your way around the church. You can also browse or sign up for our upcoming events.

While You Wait

Come a little early and get to know the friendly people who attend our church. While you wait for service to start, you can take your children to our family center for kid’s ministry or you can join us for a nice hot cup of coffee.

What to Expect: Worship

Once you’re in the sanctuary, join us as we come together in a time of worship. Every service starts with a time of worship through music.

What to Expect: Sermon

After worship and announcements, we offer a time of teaching God’s Word. Our sermons are filled with grace and are intended to build you up in your walk with God, whether you’re a long-time Christian or just discovering what faith is all about.

Check out past sermons on our Media page.